There's lots of talk and wishposting about new factions, like the Greeks, Zulu, etc.

From the point of view of someone who has been waiting for Ubisoft to finish the faction they half-implemented 2 years ago, I can't really understand that.

The Wu Lin have been in this awkward, half-formed phase where they have heroes, a map, and are canonically supposed to be included in all of this trucing and whatnot, yet aren't an actual faction able to be joined and fought for. Since August of 2018, where UbiJurassic confirmed plans for full inclusion, we have gotten absolute silence on the topic from any of the developers, yet the promo material includes the Wu Lin in all this as if they have an equal stake.

I wouldn't want any new factions to be in the same, half-formed state that people don't actually take seriously.

Unless this upcoming year fixes the War to where there are only two sides, as the rumors suggest, Ubisoft has no business adding any more half-factions while still not having finished the Wu Lin.