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    Bought shades of darkness but its now activated

    Hi, i just bought the dlc for the game, I previously owned H6 gold. I can't see the game in my folder and all of it's contents are still locked. It doesn't have a key in my account where I can look up the keys for the games that I own, only the old key, and that doesn't work when I'm trying to activate it. Also for some reason I cannot contact the support atm and can't even refound my game, so some help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    Hi N7Martin, You will need to contact our support team, so they can take a look.

    What issue are you having contacting our support team?

    You can contact them on the internet https://ubi.li/gcmzu, on Facebook https://ubi.li/0bn2o or Twitter https://ubi.li/znD9d

    Kind Regards
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    Hello there!
    Sorry for the late reply, Finally I was able to conctact the support. They counldn't find a solution to my problem, and the support guy said, that he'll write to the heroes department and they'll contact me via email. It has been more than a week since and I havent received anything from them and my contenct is still locked.
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