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    Editor Tools ?

    Is there a way to have editor icons show up after uploading to TC ? Or maybe show specific ones you choose to leave visual ! So certain moving objects would be explained better for riders going for time it helps to know how multi mechanical physics tracks work or run since only you can see your own editor !
    Does this make any sense to anyone or should I rewrite it ?
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    Not positive I follow. But I do wish there was like an object that you could just type instructions or messages on to display on screen.
    I made a hovercraft once and put a sign in front of it telling to use the right stick, but watching replays, most people had trouble figuring it out.
    A little popup bubble with text might have been useful there.
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    Okay so let's say you have R Stick controlled like you said for your track !
    Now be able to take you R Stick editor tool or icon and be able to put that on a sign so that it shows up on track when others ride it after posted so they can see your inputs !
    I think there is more your able to do setting up skill game instead of default being able to make counters ( popup bubbles basically )
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    Oh cool. Yea, that's what I thought you meant and I do think that, or something similar, would be a good option to have.
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    I'm guessing it's more creative to make your own signs for what ever is needed (there's always a ways around this just more time consuming)
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    It would be nice to put a string of characters onto a sticker though, rather than doing just one letter at a time.
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