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    Track Image ?

    Is it possible to use a custom camera to take the picture for the track image ?
    If so I had some great ideas for using it !
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    I'd be interested in the answer to that too.
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    Even being able to use the custom camera settings (colors and such) would be a neat feature .
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    I'm also curious if there is a way to import an image for the track image.
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    I'm not sure exactly what you're trying to do, it probably is possible, explain in more detail and i may be able to help

    If you want to apply a camera filter to your track image different from the default camera settings you intend to use, i do think that is possible and easy to do:

    Select the default camera, check the "always show visualization" box, now apply the filter/settings you want for your image to the default camera, the editor will now display in your chosen filter, take a snap your track image and then change the default camera back to the setting you want

    I haven't tried this myself but i'm pretty sure it would work
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    Lemurire that is a good idea.
    I did try doing this without any success.
    So basically i would like this option but instead of trying to apply filters from another camera -to have your own custom camera to move around to take track image.
    Plus i always like the option to snap to line or rotate certain amount of degree instead of a guesstimate.
    I like using a lot of XYZ positioning and distancing on my tracks.
    I'm weird like that haha
    I'd definitely be happy if i could get your idea to work tho (so if you hear anything please let us know - thanks)
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    Funny, I'm weird like that too. I like things even and aligned. I kinda wish you could also zoom the track image snapshot camera.
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    Lol - Yeah being able to change the FOV would also be a nice option also
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