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    Use blue and red cameras for 2 views.

    I don't know how many people know how to do this, so I wanted to share how I use both the primary(blue) and secondary(red) cameras for 2 game camera views on Trials and Skill games.

    Normally the primary camera is used for Trials and Skill games. The secondary camera is used on Local and Online MP or SX tracks. You can use the secondary camera instead of the primary camera for Trials and Skill games by selecting *Use Secondary Camera* on the rider or bike properties.

    You can also use both for 2 camera views with help from a simple logic.

    Tools needed:
    1 button trigger (1 not in use)
    1 State Event
    2 Set Value Events
    1 Variable Data Source

    First start with the button trigger. Enable should be on. On Press, send the impulse to the State Event.

    Now open the State Event properties. Enable should be on. Reset at checkpoint restart should be on. Set the type as Toggle, and the targets to both Set Value Events. Select Event/Filter and send the impulse to 1 Set Value Event.

    Open the properties of the Set Value Event that received the impulse from the State Event. Enable should be on. The type is Set, the value at 0.00, set the target as the Variable Data Source. Select Event/Filter and send the impulse to the next Set Value Event.

    Open the properties of the 2nd Set Value Event. Enable should be off. The type as Set, with the value at 1.00, set target as the same Variable Data Source as before.

    Now to the Variable Data Source. Value set to 0.00, turn off Reset at checkpoint restart and also turn off Reset on full restart. Interpolate also turned off.

    Finally select the rider and bike together and open properties. Highlight *Use Secondary Camera* and press the button required to Pick Value Object and choose the Variable Data Source.

    Now test track, press your button trigger and it will toggle cameras with each press. If you reset to checkpoint or full restart, the camera view will stay, and not switch back to default on resets.

    Have fun and enjoy 😉
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    Thanks for the info :-)
    I think I may have found a work around for what i was trying to accomplish.

    So will you be able to toggle between those two cameras (red and blue) in replay after posting to Track Central?

    I also sent you a Friend Request on Xbox!
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    I doubt you can switch cameras in replays. Buttons don't have functions in replays other than replay controls like pause and speed up time. Then again, I have not tried, because I haven't got a finished track with this setup on TC.

    I only uploaded 1 track on Rising so far. Most of my editor time is spent trying ideas with logics to come up with something useful in tracks.
    My current skill game build will be the first that will have both cameras used. And until I understand the custom replay camera, I won't be uploading it.
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    Hmm - I have a test track coming up so ill let you know what I learned
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    Cool tip. Might try that but with triggers to switch back and forth in tight areas.
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    You can use this to get a reversed view as well. Like 1 of Fusions tracks, at beginning reverse, hit a trigger, change to red camera that is on left side of drive line. You would then need to decorate the right side of track.
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    Yeah I use to make some cool stuff like that back on evolution!
    I've been out of practice so long that I've forgotten a few things but it's starting to come back to me
    Hey Rockman what's the name of your track if you don't mind me asking?
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    "Trials of Old" is the name of it. It's a throwback to my Trials HD days. It's a Trials HD themed track with all Legacy objects, some NPC, decals, and a hidden squirrel.

    You can see a video of it in my track thread here:
    You can also see a short clip of a drivable excavator I was building. I have more done to it since that clip, but put it to the side for now.
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