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    Personal Progression

    Its a small thing, but I just wanted to publicly post that I had finally completed the first level of Castle Chorded. I've been playing for a 2 weeks on and off. Finally got it. It felt like quite a milestone as it took a lot of work, but I've noticed that overall my playing has vastly increased, from struggling with holding a pick, to now playing some basic songs on 100% difficultly and I've started playing some songs that I really like.

    I just wondered, am I better playing various different songs, or focusing purely on one song till I nail it? At the moment I am just following Rocksmith Recommends, which is guiding me through lessons and songs, but then once you hit learn a song mode, it kind of settles you just into one song. It never suggests 'hey try this song, give yourself a break/try something new'. However, when I exit out of learn a song and come back, it then suggests something new.

    As a result I just wondered what the best way to progress was?

    I know its unlikely to get a big update to the learning system, but maybe the game suggesting songs that are a bit easier or build the same skills might be a nice feature, if at all possible in this game or a future one.

    Im going to keep making the most of being forced inside and hopefully get some more chords down. I am really struggling with finding the right strings though, so I have a lot left to do before I can say I can actually truly play the guitar.

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    Well done!

    I've spent quite some time with Castle Chordead as well, it's a good way to learn.

    So, I don't think there is a single "This is the correct way to do it", but for me, a mixture of what you are suggesting is good.

    I often find a song that is way above my skill level, and I work on it, slow riffs down, practise them, do Rocksmith recommends etc., And I keep at it until it feels like my progress stagnates. Then I just play around and have fun, before I return to the song again after a month or so, and try again.

    I do of course have some fun, just playing around, but I don't think of that as practising, as that is easy. It's when you put in "work" you learn the most I feel.

    But if you don't have fun with it, you won't be inspired to put in the "work" either. So yeah, find your balance! And good luck.

    The first song I completely "nailed" was Judas Priests, breaking the law. Beginner friendly, but cool as hell
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    Thank you. it feels like a lot, even though I know its small steps.

    I've played for a few more hours today, sorting the songs by difficulty and trying to take them on. I got 97% on Next Girl by the Black Keys on my first attempt ever, so I am very happy with that. I know its not a hard song, but its moments like that which highlight progression.

    Ok, thank you, its just good to know im heading in the right direction.

    I was working on White Stripes, The Hardest Button To Button, but strangely its missing from my DLC list this morning, even though I have been playing it and my other DLC is showing up fine and I can't re buy it, so I guess that is over with, maybe it will start working again in the future.

    Finger pain is setting in today, after a few hours each day it is getting the better of me haha.
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    I say that and no ive realised my other DLC is now all gone too! Oh no.
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    Originally Posted by digidev Go to original post
    I say that and no ive realised my other DLC is now all gone too! Oh no.
    Hey dididev, can you please reach out to our support team about the issue? They can work with you to troubleshoot the issue and hopefully get everything working correctly.
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