Hello fellow Division Agents,

I started playing the Division when it was released years ago and I played it A LOT - up until the first Incursion, which launched sort of, meh. I recently picked it back up again and in no time at all I was caught back up in Gear and got quickly re-addicted to the loot chase and gun-play.

This week there is a Global Event and I'd never played one before so I've been earning as much GE as possible but I'd like to earn more.

Played Amherst Apt on Legendary the other night, a PUG, and we wrecked it even with a Hunter showing up at the end (dropped me my new favorite gun - the Urban MDR with pretty decent rolls). I'd love to be able to do the other Legendary missions, Incursions, and other things I've missed - so I'm looking for some fellow farmers at this late, late, late, late stage of the game.

I run a 4 piece Predator 2 Piece Striker - mostly classified stuff just need a few more Predator Classifieds - Gear Score 285 currently.

I use the Urban MDR, the House, Flash Sticky, & Pulse.

I play every evening from around 6:00 PM till midnight.

I am in Texas, so Central Time Zone (U.S.)

My PSN ID is Overtkill21

Send me a Friend Request and let's get to earning that sweet, sweet, GE.

Thank you!