So I last played the game back in August 2017 on my PC. I only got like a measly 3% into the game so I figured I restart a new character or something and replay through the tutorial. So far I'm pretty sure I've spent more time searching online for how to do this than I've actually played the game. And all of the information I've found is from 2018 or older. So I decided to post on the games forums to see how I do this. So far I've deleted all save game content from my hard drive and disabled Cloud Sync in Uplay but no matter what the game downloads save files onto my system independently of my Uplay settings.

Anyway, this game has an extremely large amount of modes and menus and even though my current profile only has 3% completion as noted I'm completely lost as far as how to play, how to navigate the game and how to play each event. Is there any way at all to redo previous content? Ideally I would like to just restart my progress or create a new character (which is what I did when I recently returned to "The Division"; I was able to create a new character and that character had access to all the content I unlocked in the game) but I cannot find any way to do this. At the very least I would like to replay the actual tutorials.

None of this seems to be in the game which as far as I can tell. This is really baffling because "Steep" is probably the only game I've ever played that didn't at the very least let you replay a tutorial or create a second character. Hopefully I'm completely missing something here and there's a way to do it.