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    Ancient Greeks In For Honor

    In my opinion, adding an Ancient Greeks Faction to For Honor(or just a hero) would be such an amazing update to add. I know this can be difficult and Ubisoft won't see this but I will make a suggestion.I will take as support the Knights Faction.

    Warden could be a Macedonian with a small shield and a Sarissa(in my opinion the sarissa might be little op.Instead of the Sarissa put a normal spear or xiphos(sword)

    Peacekeeper could be a Thracian Warrior without a shield and two spears with an ability two stun someone and hit him from the other side like the gladiator but quicker(the stun could be blockable to make it less op)

    Conqueror could be a Spartan with a big shield and an ancient greek Doru (spear) with the ability to run with his shield and drag the enemy with him(something like the lawbringer's push but unlike him the spartam will not deal damage when dragging the enemy but he will stun them after he is done dragging the enemy.(something to make the spartan more interesting is when he is touching the enemy with his shield, the enemy will have the opportunity to try and push back the spartan but only for a small amount of time.The spartan if the enemy tries to push him he will also try and push the enemy and they will have a small battle.If one of them wins the loser falls down giving the winner the opportunity to strike him.This could work like if the spartan tries to push the enemy, the enemy will spam space and the spartan will do the same whoever spams space the quickest will win and will make the loser fall down.

    Lawbringer could be a Minoan or Mycenaean wearing a Taurus head and look like a Minotaur(or just a Minotaur) and have a giant a axe(and a small shield why not). He will have the ability to run stab the enemy with his horns lift up the enemy and and throw the enemy to the ground.(seeing this can be too op in order to warn the enemy the Minotaur will make a beast sound (something like this https://youtu.be/8tCo_5J5W08 )and an epic music playing in backround(saying like I am coming get ready to die) but it will be also a risk because if the enemy dodges the attack he will have the oportunity damage the Minotaur

    Tell me what you think in the comments and help this post reach Ubisoft
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    These are.. usabile ideas, a Little issue Is that Spartan Shields were circular (like glad) so they weren't optiomal for pushing like that, a Centurion with an actual Roman shield doing that would make more sense and be more realistic since It WAS a tactic used by the romans, while the minotaur Is Just.. plain out of context. Ppl complain about Tiandi sending you 3 meters in the air because not realistic. For the rest its pretty OK overall, but they would be more suited as a knight Hero than a fifth faction, there alredy Is an extra and uninvited One, we don't Need a fifth ti male the Hero choosing part more complicated than It alredy Is.
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