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    Handling of avatar in third person view is crappy

    The new avatar third person view might look nice (if we would have nice avatars and not those stupid hipsters), but the handling is not nice at all:

    • Camera movement and character rotation influence each other while wlaking which feels totally wrong
    • When i'm using the keyboard, the "W" key does not stop sending signals to the game so the avatar is taking several additional steps. This happens only for "W" and not for the siedewards or backwards keys.
    • The Avatar on the left totally destroys the natural line of sight since the movement is dependant on what the virtual avatar sees - but this is not what I'm seeng! I have to imagine what the avatar *might* see and act accordingly. This is totally crappy.
    • What is the idea of this zoom mode by pressing the LB button?

    Please gibe us the option to select the view as we can do in our vehicles:
    • Third person view from behind (camera high enough to see what's in front of us)
    • View as seen from the avatar (old model)
    • If you want to keep the existing view, add it as a third option
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    Thanks for your feedback OBu42
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    I agree. Please don't remove the 3rd person view but allow us to choose between old view and new. The new 3rd person view is cool but the line of sight after a bit makes me slightly dizzy. It Is like im trying to focus on two pov at once and my brain and eyes get conflicted.
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