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    New black woman avatar is totally different from the old one

    I'm kinda put off by it. I had grown attached to my old avatar.

    The new one has a much leaner, more angular face. The old one wore a beanie, this one has over-the-top colourful hair. Also - personality is different. The old one was kinda low-key. The new one is jumping, waving, generally seeking attention.

    If you change avatars like this, please keep them close to how they were. Now I had to change my character from black to white - the new black option's was just too different from the old one. Still, this is really weird. I don't really feel like playing because of it.

    Should you later on provide a character option more like the old one, please let players change to it. Or just give us the option to play with the old avatars.
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    Only avatar that's decent is the hispanic/dark haired woman. The new white male is a bit laughable, but at least he doesn't look like he smokes meth like the old one.

    I was waiting to log in one day and find he sold the F40 for a fix. lmao
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