This following listing includes top issues that may affect your game experience.

If you identified any critical issue, we ask you to first check on this list and on the forums if the problem has already been reported before creating a new thread to avoid duplicates.

For any difficulties launching the game, please report to the Technical Support forums.

Main Known Issues:

[Vehicles] Vehicle + Vanity bundle issues (including GT500 2020): Players are reporting missing vehicles and related issues (infinite loading times, lost performance parts etc.) following the purchase of the new GT500 2020 edition and its associated
bundle. Same situation reported with the Nismo Welcome pack bundle.
  • Status: [Investigation in progress] Update: We have removed the Shelby GT500 Sunset and Nismo Welcome Pack bundles, and recommend that players who own the Shelby GT500 2020 or Nissan Nismo (SR) do not interact with them for the time being, to avoid any issues (infinite loading, perf part loss...). We continue to investigate.

[PS4] Visual glitches & performance issues: Players are reporting visual glitches, corruptions effects and performance drops when playing on PS4.

[PC] Performance issues (FPS drops): Players are reporting major performance issues on PC following the release of the
Inner Drive update.
  • Status: [Investigation in progress] The development team is currently investigating the issue; we will keep you updated whenever new information is available.
  • Main thread (please centralize your feedback here):
  • Workaround (TBC): Players with a dual video card setup (laptops or desktop processors featuring an integrated video card e.g. AMD Ryzen etc.) may not start the game with the correct card per default - causing important performance drop. We recommend you to try the following steps:

[PC] Unable to start the game with AMD Phenom CPUs: Following the update, players with AMD Phenom CPUs are reporting an issue when trying to launch the game.