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    Better ideal for season pass

    This season pass is very unimpressive. I only really like the Castle bundle. I have a real problem buying it for just one reward. I think they could make it more enticing by changing a few things.

    First off, I think they should make it so you get back 840 R6 credits for completing it on the premium side. That way if you buy the season pass you get the passes for free essentially, you have to pay upfront and complete it. So if you don't have the R6 credits (you bought an elite or something), you would still have to buy more credits. And if you don't complete it you wouldn't get all the R6 credits back. And if you don't have the season pass you would still have to purchase R6 credits to buy the next one.

    Also I think it should go up to 40 instead of 35. Gives them more room to add in a few more prizes and the other R6 refunds. Actually I think it should go much higher but 40 is twice the number of release operators and is four tabs in the menu. I actually wish it would keep going and at every level you get a 5% boost on your alpha packs roll and every 10 levels you get an alpha packs roll win or lose. Then you would be able to try and beat your highest level from previous passes.

    Anyone else have any ideas?
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    Are you buying premium this time?

    If yes, why? Is there any thing in it that you just have to have?
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