I have Might & Magic Heroes VII - Trial by Fire (Standalone Extension) and I try to host or join an online game.

1. When I try to host a game and generate a new map I see that I can only generate small map and only for 4 players only - why is that? how can I generate a regular map as big as I want and with 8 payers like regular game? Please note that I can choose a pre existing map for 8 players without a problem.

2. When I host such a game - my friend don't see me on the available games list. when he host a game I can see him without a problem - but he cannot see me at all.

3. I cannot connect to no one in the list - (green NAT or yellow NAT) - always I gat an error "unable to connect to the server (time out) - why is that? how can I connect and join an online game?

Can you please help me?