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    Game System Requirements

    Hello! Sorry if this has already been asked, but can someone tell me what the minimum and recommended system requirements are for The Settlers (2020)? If no official requirements have been released, even a best guess at this point would be helpful.

    Thank you!
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    That´s what i would like to know as well. Or we could make it, the other way around, would be an Surface Pro (2017) sufficient ?
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    We usually do not support laptops for our games, i.e. it's a "it might work but we can't guarantee it" kind of situation.
    Since the Surface Pro does not have a dedicated graphics card, you will most likely not be able to play newer and more demanding video games, this also includes titles like e.g. Anno 1800 but also the upcoming The Settlers.

    We don't have anything to share regarding the system requirements for The Settlers.
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