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    I love this game :D

    The original Beyond Good & Evil is one of the best games I've ever played.

    and bge2 may be not as good as the original bge but It still get me enjoyed when I'm playing it.
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    I hope this doesn’t turn out like one of those games that were over hyped
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    Me too guys

    I really love this game too. But I haven't seen any update so far.

    It make me quit sad.
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    I am also looking forward to this game, I hope it will give you pleasure from the first moment. So far I have collected all the updates from my blog.

    Beyond Good and Evil 2
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    I really hope Beyond Good and Evil 2 is awesome because the demo was amazing. Very excited for this game!
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    I'm very impressed.

    Hi, I wouldn’t call it the best video-game of all-time but when I played it for the first time it was extremely impressive & immersive.
    Today, there are a lot of better games out there, but I think it will probably stays in the hearts of many gamers as an incredible game.
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    Kameo: Elements of Power

    what do you think about this game guys? there was a time i loved this game

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