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    Deflection buff

    So... i was asking myself....

    I know it's been talk about before.... like many other things... but can we hope for it or assassin's will stay weak forever?.. i mean , not weak but you know , they don't have anything special for themself anymore...


    .... delfection negate hyperarmor?

    ...or simply having hyperarmor on deflect allowing trading on deflect...

    Allways garantee( thats for nuxia...)

    Some more idea ?

    I bet like allways theres gonna be some people for the idea and some against....

    Tell us why please

    Add more buff idea...maybe ..
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    This topic has been discussed a lot at this point (specifically deflects interrupting uninterruptible attacks).

    From what I was seeing in the community, assassins looked pretty good in the Testing Grounds.
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    No s***, all of their lights are, I don't know, literally unreactable in Testing Grounds. Disgusting.

    But seriously, it's disheartening getting a deflect on a character like Raider or Kensei when their chained heavies, which grant HA, can just continue through that deflect. Never always a good trade.

    They shouldn't really be called "deflects".

    When a character performs a "deflect" in the game, the character is actually ducking and sliding the other weapon off their own and maneuvering for a counter attack. That's not what an actual deflect is. For example, if Valkyrie were to poke you in the stomach, and you just hit the spear to the side, THAT is a deflect. As a matter of fact, parry and deflect are actually pretty much interchangeable words in normal fencing, but due to the nature of FH's mechanics it doesn't matter.

    Shinobi and Valkyrie are your safest characters to deflect with.

    I think deflects don't interrupt on purpose since many assassin players tend to dodge a lot anyway. Keeps my parry game good knowing I'll have to parry certain characters, anyway.
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    To be clear assassins are doing *better* in testing grounds. There are still glaring issues, especially with berserker and Kensei getting easier access to uninterruptible attacks. Any attack with HA follow ups will trade with deflect and win every time. It's not like that with Parry or block. You block a non-enhanced light and it shuts the combo down. You Parry an attack and interrupt the HA chain and you get your own punish.
    However, you can Dodge and deflect all day but HA will relent regardless of how well you played and timed your Dodges. Deflect attacks can be negated by fast follow up chains (anyone with 500-400 Ms follow ups) or by any external attack thrown. Parry cannot be interrupted by attacks from the opponent, because they are of balance and unable. Further more the Parry timing window is much larger, providing you with better coverage for defense.
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