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    Hello. Looking for book for 14 year old about WWII Armor. Was trying to find an enclopedia of sorts. Mostly focused US/Brit/German/Russian.

    Here is what I think he would like,but I am unable to find so I come here for always good knowledge and advice.

    Era photographs, some drawings.
    Some statistics
    Some editorial input as well.

    Thanks for any ideas.
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    is this a gift for a 14 year old?

    if so, i recieved one in such age named "Tanks of the world" by "greewish editions". IT has "all" tanks i can think off, 1/2/3 images per tank, small data report( armor/crew/guns etc), and lots of trivia. its probably not the best source for anything, but as a "kid" i liked it from time to time took a peek at a random tank.

    offtopic, i have the same book but for planes. Used to use it in the begining of my il2 days as a "what is that plane i jsut saw??"....
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    Sounds good like is what I am looking for here. Any others have ones they like?
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