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    Best way to obtain Coral / Jet?

    This may have already been mentioned elsewhere on the forum, but I had a quick glace and couldn't see it, so apologies if I'm asking something that's been answered elsewhere!

    Anyway, the question's on the title - do you guys know what the best way to obtain Coral & Jet is? So far as I can tell, I can either try and earn them during events (which only gets me one or two, if that), or just keep rushing Loot missions (and those seem to drop everything BUT what I'm after!).

    Is there a better way I'm just not seeing?

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    No, there is no other way. It's just a matter of luck and patience.

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    Easiest way to get gems is to score well on the events that feature them. Although easy might not be the right word to use there...

    Secondly, farm all the loot missions during the Tuesday loot mission hours. It's supposed to give 2 gems instead of 1 for reward, but that would require it to give any at all... Other than that, luck and more luck. Extreme low drop rates. However, having said that, I currently have 15 or more of all gems with nothing left to craft. Waiting for more options.

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    Yeah, figured as much. Thanks anyway!