I have A.R.R.C. mod installed. I have modified it a little. Now I have all fertilities on all islands and underwater plateaus.
I'm looking for a way to increase storage capacity of warehouses. There is 999t limitation for every island. Have anyone tried to increase it?
I was looking in almost every file in RDA files, but I couldn't find it. I want to increase it to 9999 or even 99999.
I was only able to increase storage of factories. For example: mines can store 10t of product and then it stops production. Farms and other factories can store 5t of product. I have increased it to 1200t. One disadvantage is that cargo transporters wait till 12t of product is in factory storage, they will not collect it if there is less than 12t. I was trying to edit values in transportmanager.csl (in Data0.rda and patch5.rda and patch8.rda if I remember correctly) but it didn't help. So I have now some extra storage. But the best solution would be more space in warehouses.
Can anybody help where is the value that limits maximum storage capacity of warehouse?

Thanks in advance