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    exotic droprate realy needs a rework

    i understand you have set the droprate as 2/4/6/8/10% depending on difficulty but that means absolutely nothing if you run 10/20/40 missions back to back on challenging or higher never to see that pinkish red glow at the end of a fight.
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    Agreed haven't seen any esotics this patch
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    They need to drop more often or let us recalibrate.

    It's very dumb how rare they are and also have garbage stats.
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    Drop rate should not be increased but recalibrate one stat would be nice.
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    90% exotics are useless anyway

    Heroic - I dont have problem with Drop rate - sometimes its even drop 2 at once - like merciless /crap/ and Sweet dreams from Hyenas Arena Stronghold

    Raid - got EB in like 7th run - useless anyway even with nice rolls like godroll HS
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    Why would anyone waste their time to get hold of a rare weapon that has the possibility of having a awful roll...when you can use that time to farm ordinary high-end weapons which have a much higher drop rate and can be recalibrated.

    Either the drop rates of the Exotics need to be jacked up, they need to be allowed to be recalibrated or they need to have better rolls when they drop.
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    They drop way too hard for the RNG attribute that ruins them!
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    The overall RNG is probably not good for the exotic drop, which lead to extreme situations. Yesterday I found 5 exotics in ~4 hours...
    1st: Chamaleon on a bounty (solo)
    2nd: Ninja Bike Kneepads from Supply Drop in DZ (2 man group)
    3rd: Pestilence from random enemy in Jefferson Plaza (challenging, 2 man group)
    4th: Tardigrade from end boss in Jefferson Plaza (challenging, 2 man group, same run as 3rd)
    5th: Tardigrade from end boss in Jefferson Plaza (challenging, 4 man group)
    So they drop and in a group you can easily share them, I gave away both Tardigrades as I already have one.

    Honestly I don't know if or how to fix the exotic situation, a low droprate is okay if the item isn't trash. But with random rolls it can get really ugly. I would prefer the possibility to upgrade/recal an exotic with exotic mats instead of increasing the drop chance, but thats just my opinion.
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    The one thing Borderlands always got right was the named weapons, you knew who dropped what. The only thing you gambled with was the quality of the drop. In this case, the drops are so rare that by default the rolls should be like with what we're getting in the Loot Caches for these events. It annoys me to no end that Massive wants us to grind for the same exotic that has very little chance of dropping, just to find out if it has rolled well and if not - grind for it again. This isn't rewarding, this gets tedious and tiresome real quick.
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    I would rather see Exotics continue to be difficult to obtain, but see them become more powerful than they are now since we can equip only one.
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