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    Need help - RN/CHN player can't link up with worldwide player?

    Hi there,

    I was looking through the forum and notice that there are 2 different region games upon purchasing it.

    I am using the SG version which is ok to play worldwide and in the English version while my brother who stay in China at the moment has to purchase in another version that comes in the Russian language?

    Is there a way to play together? Also is there an English patch for the Russian version? anyone have this issue and able to advise what we can do next?
    Thank you.
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    Ubi-Ginge's Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff
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    Hey Sparksue!

    Regretfully we are unable to add languages into the game.
    Your brother would need to purchase a version which includes the English language.

    In order to correctly play with friends, I'd advise going through the steps in this link especially the part about port forwarding.
    If you still have issues after this, please let us know.
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    Thanks for the reply Ubi-Ginge.

    We actually try to re-purchase the game via Steam but it shows that the game has already included in the game.
    So if we are getting through Ubisoft - will there be any conflict when install? since steam has mentioned that the game has already purchased.

    Understand these two are different gaming platforms - we are worried that if we purchase again - it will be the same issue and we wouldn't allow doing refund for the 2nd game.

    Please advise what we can do for this?
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