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    Shaman IS op and needs a HEAVY nerf

    DEVS, DO YOUR JOB AND LISTEN TO YOUR PLAYERS. I love this game but for the love of god they just keep making things worse and ignoring legit problems!! Post after post and nothing gets fixed ever. Shaman, once again posting about this needs a nerf. I dont care what anyone says especially shaman players, you go on the scoreboards every damn game and a shaman is at the top miles ahead in kills and points and little to no deaths every game. On pc im not sure but console its a **** fest, the damage is too high, the bite is spammable and gives way too much back to the shaman player, the fients are ridiculous and her kit is so perfect while everyone elses kit is struggling to keep up. Other than Black prior, this character is absolutely unbalanced and even if you come back and say "but she can be punished? She can be defeated?" Her moveset is so agile and unpredictable you cant even get the chance to get a threshold or idea what the other player is doing before "fient stab fient throw bite stab fient stab throw bite dead". Seriously this hero needs some love and not in a good way, your leaving other heroes in the dirt and keeping the unbalanced ones at the top, its ruining your game.
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    Lol, you must be bad if you think that predator's Mercy is spam-able. Honestly about the only thing you said in there that was correct and not some wild hyperbole or a sad anecdote, was that her kit is one of the more fleshed out kits.
    Which is the problem: the rest of the heroes need to be buffed/reworked.
    Also, she is punishable. Very. The only thing she has going that really gives her an edge in some situations is her Dodge heavies. Everything else can be mitigated by patience and learning. If you are still having this much trouble with the hero, maybe you should just admit you suck against her instead of crying that she's op. But then I forget, these are the forums, and no one is that smart or logical here.
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    alustar would you say shaman needs less i-frames on the initial part of her dodge attack then? also if you fix the pounce flicker glitch, how badly does that affect shaman's viability, and what would be some changes (if any)? (I don't play shaman never have so am curious from a shaman's perspective)
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    Shaman doesn't get I frames on her Dodge attacks. Anything seen in that end is purely spacing and hot box areas preventing certain his to connect. For instance, every assassin knows to Dodge into attacks because you side the entire weapon. If you didn't in the direction an attack is being thrown, you stand a higher chance if catching the trail end of the hot via tracking. The since flicker will not hurt her viability, it will only force those who crutch on broken mechanics like "flicker" to play her as she stands.

    As it stands (and I have damn near 70 reps in her between console and PC) shaman doesn't need anything.(especially when testing grounds changes go live)
    Nothing outside of quality of life buffs for assassins as a whole. (Look at deflect, reflex guard, and revenge build) she is arguably one of the best built heroes. She has very obvious hard counters, her mix ups can be stuffed offensively. The biggest problem is players not knowing what she is capable of and what to do in response. But in so far as giving it taking things away from her? No. She's fine. I've heard many arguments to buff and need her and my response has been the same for a while. Hiding her risks making her too strong, nerfing her kit will only do what they did to PK, Nobu, and WL.
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    Shaman's strong for sure.

    But what specifically would you like to see changed about Shaman's moveset? Less damage on what attacks? What parts of her kit are you considering changing, and how would she feel to play afterwards?
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    I think I'd like to see the timing for input on dodge heavy reduced, making it so the shaman has to make a read on their end by committing to the dodge heavy, as of now it feels too safe with its generous timing to delay the dodge attack as an option select, although that may be confirmation bias on my part. Also, please fix shaman's pounce flicker bug/glitch. It's been in the game forever, there's video of it all over youtube, twitch, etc, its well known everyone hates when a shaman crutches on it.
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    shaman can't delay her input on dodge heavy, she can only delay the cancel of her unblockable heavy slightly to catch parries or deflects. What you are seeing is a good shaman actually make a read and respond to the situation. Her option select zone isn't very viable with how slow her zone comes out in general, and any dodge option selects usable by all assassins isn't a great tool because you can catch her with a GB. which, is actually the easiest way to deal with a dodge happy shaman, either a GB or strike with undodgable properties, as they will eat her dodge before she strikes.
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    Protip from a shaman player: If you are running Musha, Glad or Cent, and she goes into a GB mix up after an opener, just heavy. Anyone else, Light. You will stop all forward momentum from the mix-ups because she cannot recover from animations fast enough to respond with an attack, and if she is fast flowing into one already, she is locked to the animation. *(this is only good for catching a shaman that is playing hyper-aggressive.) Doing so will force her to slow down and play a little more defensively, which in turn gives you room to not play as defensive which is where she wants you. Shaman players are going to try and force you into responding to as many different attacks in as short a time as possible to harras and wear you down. and in this scenario, the best defense you will have is a little more offensive pressure. Dodge mix-up can be stuff by parry, undodgeable attacks, and GBs. Her vulnerability window is shorter, so watch for it closely. the best option I could say is if unless you are one of the three heroes mentioned, it's a safe bet to GB the min she hits with her first opener. Worst case scenario is you are fighting a new shaman player and she isn't canceling her second heavy in a chain and you might GB her mid charge on a UB.

    As to shaman bash cancel bug (flicker) only really scummy try hard players are going to fine-tune and work on that as a tool for their kit, which will only hinder them in the long run when the patch goes live that addresses this. My best advice, practice not flinching unless you see her moving. The most damage you can do to those types of players is to not give in to the mind game and let them think they can bait you. If they start using it, know that it requires a precise input and they will EASILY eat a GB if they try it in range.
    So there you have it, I have given you all the best tips you could ask for in dealing with a shaman. Follow these tips and keep a level head. Or don't, and continue blaming the game, the character or the other player for your lack of knowledge. Up to you.
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