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    Alaska one drop zone missing

    So i'm on my way to complete 100% of the game (very close btw, only 2 challenges and this particular drop zone left).
    When i'm in alaska it says 23/24 drop zones (normal 17+7 base jumps=24) an i can't figure out what's the problem. I've double checked different guides online, and it seems that i'm only missing the denali drop zone, which doesn't show up on my map. That's odd, sinced i tried to spawn on the coordinjates without success, and completed the "yako and mount denali" challenge which is on the top on the mountain and very close to the supposed location of the drop zone. I've already verified the integrity of game files.
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    Problem randomly solved

    So, while i was waiting for a response, i decided to complete the 2 olympics challenges, and when i returned to alaska my drop zones were finally 24/24. Don't know why, but the problem seems to be solved.
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