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    Add full Xbox One controller support for Splinter Cell games on PC

    On the Xbox One, the old Splinter Cell games got backwards compatibility with full Xbox One controller support. Please release a patch for full xbox one controller support for the PC versions as well.
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    Yes Please Xbox 360 controller support

    I am wishing for this on the original Splinter Cell for PC as well.
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    While there's no official support, you can map a controller and play the game (I play on my PS4 controller). Also if you're interested in playing CT/DA/BL add me on Discord Mikaul#9697 we still play on PC
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    Hi guys,

    As the game pre-dates the Xbox one, this is why the controller is not natively support, but can be used with a controller mapping software.

    We can certainly pass your feedback around including this to the team, but due to the lack of on-going development for this title it may not be possible.
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    in otherwords.... the answer is no
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