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    Where's The Pen Tool In Garageband? How do you draw in MIDI notes?

    I've tried to play with Garageband several times, only to find it to be the most unintuitive, frustrating DAW I've ever worked with.

    I can't even draw a single note in the MIDI editor. Where is the pen tool to simply draw in a MIDI note?

    I saw one tutorial where they said to hold down the command key, but that doesn't seem to work. They were editing a MIDI clip that's was already there. How do you take a MIDI track with NO data in it yet, a totally blank track and simply draw in some MIDI notes in the piano roll/editor?

    Is there any way to do this in Garageband?
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    Probably find more responses on an Apple site since it's an Apple product.

    I have a smart piano track in GarageBand, I double tap it to get a menu to open, pick edit then I'm looking at the midi note view. There is a pen icon in the upper left. Slide that to the right to enable writing notes.
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