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    Trackmania PS4 impossible to join salon online (block at 96%)


    impossible to access the online room.
    When I try to connect to a room, I always block at 96% (impossible to connect to the track mania server).
    however, I only have access to the ubisoft nadeo mini lounge and nothing else.
    I can not access the private room that create my friends. And not access at the other room (only ubisoft nadeo mini)

    Thank you for giving me the solution so that I can access all the lounges
    Have a good day

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    No connection to online rooms - Block at 96%

    I have the same problem! Every online room the loading stops at 96%. Only room to join is Nadeo.

    Please help with a solution Ubisoft

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    Same here.
    Forwarded al the needed ports, added to DMZ, tried serveral DNS configs, nothing seems to work.
    Keeps stopping at 96% connecting to master server.
    The only server which works is a Nadeo mini room.
    I can create a game, which my friends can't join.
    I can't join my friends in game.
    They use the same provider, with default PS4 and router settings.

    Is there any other solution?

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    Thank you for your feedback. We forward this information to the team.

    Cheers and take care

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    I have the same problem
    Loading the online room crashes at 96%

    Tried changing various DNS, deleted and installed the game... Notting changes...

    When do you fix It?