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    impossibilité d'avoir plein écran

    Bonjour je rencontre un problème pour avoir assassins credd III remastered en plain écran sur la résolution 3840X1080 144 hz.
    J'ai un moniteurs SAMSUNG 49 pouces.
    Existes-t-il une mise a jour
    Merci pour toutes réponses
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    Ubi-Mark.'s Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff
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    Nov 2017
    Hi POUPOUNE06, welcome to the forums!

    Thanks for reaching out! I'm afraid that we're only able to provide support in English on these forums. Would you be able to translate your issue for me, in order for me to assist you further?

    Alternatively, if you'd like to receive support in your native language, you're welcome to create a support case on our website regarding the issue. Thank you!
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