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    Lord Tachanka (rework)

    Okay so it's already know that the Lord himself is a meme and not taken as a serious operator at this current meta (or any meta tbh) but how do people feel on the Lord been changed completely or a slight tweak like a sub ability to rip his lmg off the mount and actually move around? Just some thoughts. All hail the Lord!
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    They are already reworking Tachanka

    They are already reworking Tachanka. They are going to be getting rid of his primary weapons and will only have his LMG. It wont have a shield and no turret stand. He can walk around with his LMG. It will have a sight. He will also have the ability of getting an incendiary grenade launcher. This is all I know and it is subject to change but I assume it gonna be released with the new house rework.
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