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    CrazyMemphis Custom Tracks

    Hi guys, i´m CrazyMemphis84 !
    I am new to the Forum but have been a Trials Fan for a long time.
    I wasn't playing Trials for a long time either, but I've been back since February.
    I play Trials since Trials HD and build Tracks since Trials HD
    Here are a few of my Tracks.

    Thank you for stopping by and thanks to everyone who drives and drove my Tracks.
    You are the best.

    Stay healthy and stay tuned on the Trials Rising Track Central
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    DEADPH1SH's Avatar Member
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    Feb 2019
    Welcome Memphis! Great work you've been doing man. Keep it up
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    Hey CM - Cool stuff.
    Ride on!
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    Thank u Guys i really appreciate it
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    Hey Guys
    My new Ninja Track CM84 - The Factory is out now ! Its like a Ninja lvl 3-4.
    Have Fun and good Luck everybody
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    Coming soon on Track Central !
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