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    the game crashes

    Purchased Tom clancy's ghost recon: future soldier downloaded and launched but about 1-2 minutes later the game flew to the desktop tell me what to do?
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    When game menu show, force close uplay and game not crash everymore
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    I can't thank you enough for posting this. I just bought Future Soldier yesterday, it crashed every few seconds or minutes at the most, crashed at every save point, totally unplayable. I put in a ticket and Ubi suggested I make all kinds of changes to my PC. Your simple solution of forcing Ubisoft Connect to close totally solved the problem. Ubisoft never even made this suggestion. Amazing.
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    I'm very happy to see you've found a solution to your issue here on the forums, Torgo - my apologies that we weren't able to help more directly on your support ticket. It's certainly something we can keep in mind to suggest in future, though!

    I hope you enjoy Future Soldier
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