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    Wrong or used key

    Hej as we say in Sweden.

    I bought Anno2070 Complete Edition a couple years ago but did not played alot and uninstalled it. Now I have reinstalled the game and it says I have the game but that the key is used by an other acount thoug my Uplay acount have the key i got at purchase from Gamersgate
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    Hi stigobert, welcome to the forums! Our Support Team handles that kind of thing. There are a few ways to reach them:

    If you would like to submit a Support Ticket for help you can do so here:

    You can also reach out to our Facebook and Twitter Support pages here:

    Stick around and enjoy the forums, and enjoy the game!
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    Yeah, submit a ticket and wait for a month until they ask you some question to wait an another eternity.
    Forget about this game, it is not properly supported. although it is a shame.
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