Hello Warriors! Today, we turn the page to the darker second chapter of the Blades of Persia event.

The Dark Prince has arrived on the battlefield. He’ll have all the Feats that you’ve come to expect from the Prince: the teleport punch, the power to slow time, and yes, the sand spears.

But there is good news. The Dark Prince drops the Dagger of Time upon being defeated.

All you have to do is pick the Dagger up, and all those powers are yours to use. But perhaps that’s easier said than done.

Until April 2nd, play the Wraith of Time playlist to fight the Dark Prince – as well as the opposing team – and take the Dagger of Time.

Limited-time, Prince of Persia-themed Mask Outfits are available for all heroes! Mark yourself as a servant of the mysterious Sandwraith – or a soldier in the army of the Djinn, Ratash.

It’s the For Honor Spring Sale! Over 3000 items in the Store are 25% off. These discounts are available until April 1.


  • 1vs1 Champion of the Dynasty NA PS4
  • Fri, Mar 20 @ 7:30 PM ET
  • Winner will be recognized by Jin as “Champion of the Dynasty,” a great NA duelist and the best duelist around all the Jin Dynasty
  • Click here to join.

  • Slayscion Gaming: XBOX 4v4 #5
  • Sat, Mar 21 @ 11 AM CT
  • The XBOX 4v4 Dominion Tournament is NA priority, but open to all regions.
  • Click here to join.

  • Torneio Los Piratas de Duelo (BRAZIL ONLY PC, 1v1)
  • Sat, Mar 21
  • Click here to join.

  • For Honor European Tournament: Dominion War European (PS4, EU only, 4v4)
  • Begins Fri, March 27 @ 9 PM CET
  • Prize: 200 Euros + 200k Steel
  • Click here to join.

  • The Warriors Guild: Raid of Wyverndale (Dominion)
  • This fake 'peace treaty' will not go unanswered! On Saturday, March 21st, 2020 from 2pm to 8pm UTC, they will be commencing the Raid of Wyverndale!
  • This tournament is 4v4 Dominion Gamemode on the maps Harbor, Temple Garden, and The Gauntlet.
  • Registration is being held on Friday, March 20th, from 12pm to 12am UTC. There will be a channel opened during this time in which you can submit your teams registration.
  • The tournament will begin in a Group Stage, Round Robin style. Then it will move to a Single Elimination bracket, doing BEST OF 3. Semi Finals will be BEST OF 5 and Finals will be BEST OF 7. Good luck to all!
  • Click here to join Discord.

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We’ll see you again at the next Warrior’s Den!