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    AC Syndicate DLC compatibility

    I own Syndicate on the Epic Games Store and i want to buy the season pass for it through Uplay. Do the DLC purchased from Uplay work on the base game from Epic?
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    I'm pretty sure there isn't a base game from Epic. Your base game uses the UPlay DRM
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    What i meant is that i've gotten the standard version of AC Syndicate from the Epic store and i am thinking of buying the DLCs from the Uplay store, and i want to know if there are any compatibility issues between the two. Tell you the truth i don't have much of an idea what DRM the game uses, but i've heard some accounts from people who had to get refunds for buying from different stores and also some who had no problems with this, so i want to know what is the case for this specific game on this specific store if anyone knows.
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    Yeah, it works, you just have to locate the installed game. If you click on the game in Uplay, go to Support. At the top of the list you just clicked on, under the logo and play button is Locate Installed Game. Locate it manually, then the game will validate files and update with DLC.
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    Hello henri1004,

    Welcome to the forums! Unless mentioned specifically on the store page, the DLC and the base game need to be on the same storefront in order for them to work properly. So if you purchased the base game from Epic, you will need to purchase the Season pass from Epic as well. Please see our Support Article about this Here.
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