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    How to check the last time you changed your ubisoft name?

    Hi i was wondering how do you check the last time you've changed your ubisoft username. I feel like its been over 30 days since i've last changed it but im not completely sure.

    I also tried checking my emails to see if it would appear but i couldn't find it?
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    it has been maybe 2 months since i last changed my name and its still telling me to wait 30 days, my username is Suprerne.-
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    Ubi-Thrupney's Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff
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    Hey Suprerne

    Our support team will be able to have a look at your account and tell you what's happening with your name changes. Please reach out to us at one of the links below, being sure to include your Ubisoft Connect username or email address so we can find your account.

    Facebook PM
    Twitter DM
    Ubisoft Support's help website

    Let me know if you have any trouble getting in touch!
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    When was the last time I changed my username?

    Hello, wasn't feeling like being a barcode as soon as I changed to it, could you tell me how many days I got left till I can change it again, thanks!
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