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    We value your feedback so to help us ensure we don’t miss any please use this thread to post your feedback on Avatar The Game

    ALL feedback is welcome, however we do ask you to keep your feedback constructive, clear, concise and to the point to aid us in gathering information from the thread. Please do not list error logs etc, if there’s an issue which requires a more in-depth look we will ask you

    Any abusive or spam posts will be removed without warning.
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    the Na'vi are over powered and the amp suits are just too weak i mean c'mon they are mechs. and the mechs also need a melee move very badly. one Huge thing this game needs is Bots for MP. its boring as can be when no body is online. having bots to fill the gaps would be nice. and some sort of ranking system where you can rank up through military ranks would be very cool.

    maybe 4 player co-op where up to 4 human players could do the campaign together would be very nice. the main thing i would like to see are Bots/AI for MP. i am just blown away that all the talk from ubi and the Devs about this game and it does not even have bots in MP.
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    The Na'vi can 1 shot with a bow but guns cannot do the equivalent?
    Na'vi are extremely hard to kill, but humans die in 2-3 hits.
    Grenade Launchers are the only weapons worth using in multiplayer.
    Mechanical suit is weak and sluggish.

    There is currently no way to locate other players in other games. Why? How are we suppose to group together and play a 16/16 multiplayer game? Currently, it's close to impossible.
    Please create a way to see current games going on.
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    Quick rundown:

    - The game is beautiful to look at and fun to play.

    - The multiplayer seems a bit unbalanced in favor of the Na'vi. The multiplayer matchmaking is unreliable and lacking features to get good games going. Needs a lobby or something.

    - The 3D looks spectacular, but more work needs to be done with companies to make sure 3D is running smoothly. If you are trying to push 3D in future games (which I read Ubisoft is), you should have made the first entry for 3D an easy, appealing presentation to get people on-board with S3D.

    - Great Music and atmosphere. Love the environments, just beautiful (coming from someone who does art for games as day job!). The plant-life is really imaginative and vivid.

    Overall, great work - but also needs some minor work.
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    a MP lobby with a chat would be great and please nerf the Na'vi. like the above posters said, na'vi are TOO hard to kill. humans are TOO weak. mech is too sluggish and weak. the only weapon useful against the na'vi in MP is the grenade launcher. please listen to our concerns and things will work out great. we need a better way to communicate in MP. this lobby with a chat idea is perfect.
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    I agree that the na'vi is OP, rda should have some kind of near combat weapon.
    and can someone tell me if its possible to do quests togheter online?
    and if you do quests in new game and get items does it improve your items in multiplayer mode?
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    was able to play last night for a few hours with no issues... tonight I crash after the 20th century fox opening video with a Dunia.dll
    fault. I've deleted the dll from the bin folder and re-acquired the file... same issue continues.

    I deleted and then reinstalled the game... game still crashes after 20th century fox screen with Dunia.dll as the faluting module. Any help or information on this issue would be appreciated.
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    Ok I figured out the Dunia.dll issue. If you change your display options to use directx 10 instead of 9, the next time you start up the game you may get this error. To avoid the issue... change the directx version back to 9 before you quit the game. I'm sure not everyone will encounter this issue, but for those who do... here's a solution that may work.
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    how do you make that duna.dll make sense, when i open it its just a random assortment of symbols, letters and numbers
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    any chance we could get some info on a patch or future DLC?
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