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    I would like to join, sent request on Ubisoft
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    Ill join `

    Sure thing, lets do it- Uplay - Shaxiy
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    I'm interested in joining too. Is the offer still valid?
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    i would like to join

    i cant find you on discord add me
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    Originally Posted by N00TM4D Go to original post
    and needs you!

    Our aim is to build up an international milsim group for GRB on PC.

    Therefore english is mandatory!

    We offer:
    -a discord-role-play-possibility
    -as a military rank system
    -a loadout and equipment structure connected to 5 operator builds
    -own basic training and advanced basic training simulations
    -and own written story missions.

    You can deliver:
    -GRB on PC
    -a headset & mic
    -interest in taking part of a great MilSim based game-experience you have never discovered... YET

    Till now we are 5 members, aged 28-33.
    We are looking for mature players, who enjoy a good laugh, but also know when to switch to serious.
    RP is not mandatory, but an option on the server.
    This will develop with the people joining and is no one man show.

    If you want to give it a try, join us on


    Get your basic training done, raffle your gear and prepare for battle with us.


    This still operational or did everyone finally quit this game?
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