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    Let us know somebody is requesting a friendly match

    It’s been a while, but I want to suggest you a really easy assignment for the new UI developer that you hired a while ago to implement a new feature.

    When Team Wars begun the chat and donations were separated in two different areas of the game, which was controversial and rejected by groups of people including myself. We were used to have easy swipe access to PvP, chatting, requesting cards and the Butter’s shop. Now that you’ve enhanced the functionality of friendly fighting for the garage area, it would make sense to make friendly matches requests visible in the PvP area and the home area (where you see all the houses). If people are in PvP players are oblivious to teammates requesting friendly matches. You have a few options here and you can proceed according to your desired difficulty of implementation; you can:

    1. Introduce a button in the PvP and home area right above the challenges area (icon can be the current icon of your team) that shimmers once every 5 seconds (or low frequency rate in any case) showing that somebody is requesting a friendly battle.
    2. The same as 1. but the button is a Tap-able button that’s also a shortcut to the garage.
    3. The same as 1. But you can specify “your choice” or “team deck” if it’s a team wars friendly and directly accept from the PvP or home areas.

    There are of course other options, but these are simple not so detailed examples to “fuse back” the lost sense of unity between these features. The game has different features but what’s the use if their players are oblivious to them because of the separation. Please forward this to the team if possible, @Toller or Buck, thank you.
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    This should have been implemented a long time ago. I can't tell you how many time's I've just waited for an opponent, or not even known that someone was requesting a FF.
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