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    Cannot change graphics settings

    Hi all,

    Since I've bought my new PC (which is supposedly a decent gaming PC) I'm having a persistent issue with AC Origins. When I open it, it sets the graphics settings to very low. When I change it, it asks me to restart the game, which I do, and the settings revert back to very low. I just cannot seem to change. I've unticked automatically optimise new games on Geforce Experience, which I saw recommended online, and that's done nothing.
    I ran AC Origins fine on moderate settings on my older and clunkier laptop before, and I'm able to run AC Odyssey on very high graphics on my current PC without issues, so it shouldn't be that.
    Does anyone know what I can do? I opened a support ticket with Ubisoft but I'm still waiting for a response. I love this game and gutted I can't play it.
    Please help!
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    While I cannot provide you with a solution, I am curious if you have found one yourself and if you've discovered what the issue was. This really is a weird one.
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    You need to find a configuration file "ACOdyssey.ini". It applies all graphics settings. But it has read-only access. Open its properties using right mouse button and uncheck the read-only option. It will allow you to change the settings) Good luck!
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