Hello, R6s Players
I'm Thai people that want to join some Competitive League of Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6 Siege in Thailand.
But, the mistake is Esport Alliance(they say we've been supported by UbisoftTH to be a huge tour of R6S) which is the organizer of R6S Operation Thailand League Season 2. Their website is play.eaesports.com/
They've created 1 rule: In 1 team, some of 7 players don't be banned by VAC to join this league.In addition, I've got banned in Dota 2 which is Valve Corp's game. That's why I can't join this tour but literally I can send the register and We've got disqualified by Esport Alliance Team. The thing is why Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6 Siege(BattleEyes Anti Cheat, Ubisoft Corp) concerns with VAC Ban?

PS. I'm sorry about my words I'm trying to express but my vocals are so low XD

Best regards, Ubi

https://bit.ly/2vMMkSP beware of TH language
This is all of the rules but I can't translate all.