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    Looking For Team For Ranked And Recruit New Members To My Clan!

    Hello My Name Is Akuma! I am a very active gamer/player i play all types of games but right now I am more focused on Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege trying to rank up
    My goal is to rank up to Platinum and right now I'm at Gold II
    Please join me if you are interested! It's really hard trying to find a team on Rainbow Six

    My Discord: Akuma#5646
    My Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Akuma109/

    Also Trying To Recruit New Members To My Clan!
    DM Or Reply Below To Join!
    Clan Name: LuNaR

    My Rainbow Six Stats:

    Main Attack Operators: Ash, Maverick, NOKK
    Main Defend Operators: Caveria, KapKan, Bandit

    Year 4 Season 4 Max Rank: Gold II
    Year 5 Season 1 Current Rank: Gold II
    Highest Rank: Gold I
    Level: 129

    Region: East Asia

    Played Over 1000 Hours On Rainbow

    Please Join!
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    Id -"winayak"

    I am an entry fragger
    K/d 1.1
    Win loss 1
    Hating solo queue
    Add me
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    nvm wrong thread
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    i need a team to play

    my account ID impulsive.XXX
    K/D 1
    Win /loss 1
    stuck between silver 1 and gold 3
    im a solo ranker
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    Hello, my name is fDGkaki, im gold 2, i really want to improve in this game but is really har playing solo, i will wait for your awser!
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    Silver 3 right now avg rank silver 1. Looking for a team to climb with. Have a mic and give calls. I am an entry fragger and roamer. Will friend you on discord (MEMEsupreme) if you would like to speak personally.
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    Also sent friend request on R6 (Kay-Nien)
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    hey man i saw your post and i was very interested. I too am looking to get better and I'd love to join. my name is Chris im 14 and silver 4. I am not really a silver player my friend got me stuck there but i'm working hard to rank up. the only problem is that im us east but i have a lot of russian friends so i can work with the ping. Thanks! ( my id is JBN.Sniper...)
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    Please DM on discord i dont always visit this fourm!
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