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    Hi all,

    I opened up the secret room in the hangar but there is no Beluga there. After being stuck for too long time I desperately read in the walkthrough that it was supposed to be in the secret room. I do have both the flight stabilizers and finished the slaughterhouse and the Alpha HQ. Have I missed anything?
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    Why d\'you want to know?
    Hey there, Gsgsgsgs. You're new to these forums, so I'll give you a big welcome. I'm Dalekpirate, by the way.
    I don't think you've missed anything - by the sound of it, you might have a problem with the game. Stick around, there should be somebody about who can help you out.
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    Your situation sounds really weird, but it's possible that some event may need to happen before the Beluga appears (and in general cases most people complete that event before opening the cave wall).

    Two that I can think of are:
    1) Viewing the Mdisc Pey'j left you
    2) Visiting the Iris Den

    Keep us updated. btw, what are you playing BG&E on? PC?
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    Thank you very much for taking your time replying.

    I've done all the necessary steps I could think of.
    I opened the secret chamber as soon as I got his shoes wherever that was and the Beluga wasn't there at that moment either.
    I've tried opening, closing, checking the mdisc, visiting the iris den numerous times but without any success unfortunately.

    I couldn't find any posts about the same problem so that implies I should've missed something but still...I don't feel that I have and that it might be a glitch in the game(?).

    This is truly a great game but I'm not too keen on playing the whole game over again to maybe find the beluga. Is there anybody who has a savegame from where they just finished the slaughterhouse?

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    Sorry, I forgot to mention that I play the game on a PC.
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    Hmmm, I was thinking, maybe this is better suited for the BG&E Technical Discussion forum? Sounds to me like its a bug/glitch.

    btw, you can find save files here: http://forums.ubi.com/eve/forums/a/t...32/m/844108072
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    Thank you very much for your help...unfortunately I ended up replaying the whole game unpatched, but things went smoother this time.

    However, I noticed one thing.
    The last time (the buggy one) I could enter the Beluga from Mammagos before the Nutripils factory mission. I did the mission, flew it back to Mammagos. Then when I really was supposed to find it, it was gone.
    Damn this game is buggy; out of sync and a lot of weird behaviour.
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    So... I'm trying to understand what you're saying... so you exited Mammago's via the Beluga before you really got the Beluga? (which you get by opening the cave in the lighthouse and inserting two flight stabilizers) Did I read you correctly? If so, that's really weird. You shouldn't get the Beluga until after you finish the Slaughterhouse mission and talk with Iris.

    This is why I like the console verison - I never encountered any bugs when I played.
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    Yup that's exactly what happened. You get to the Beluga at Mammagos the same way if you docked through the roof...the door to the right (that is usually closed)

    Replaying the whole game kept me out of problems except that the audio/video sync was terrible.
    I don't get it why Ubi doesn't provide us with a new patch.
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    I don't get it why Ubi doesn't provide us with a new patch.
    It's simple really, they didn't care anymore since the game wasn't profitable.
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