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    Assassins Creed Odyssey 1.5.3 Patch Notes & Sneak Peek

    Hey everyone,

    We will be deploying Patch 1.5.3 on Xbox One, PlayStation4 system, and PC tomorrow: March 12th, 2020.

    Patch Sizes & Deployment timings:
    Xbox One: 4.0GB @ 0600 UTC
    PS4: 3.8GB @ 0600 UTC
    PC: 4.1GB @ 1300 UTC

    Please note that these timings are estimates and subject to change.

    Check out the most notable changes with 1.5.3 below.


    • [PC] Addressed an issue that resulted in crashes when entering Elysium with an RX 5700 (XT).
    • Addressed an issue that caused the “New Content” notification to pop-up regularly after claiming the Melaina mount.
    • Addressed an incorrect description for Legendary chest maps in the Spanish version of the game.

    Sneak Peek

    We’re thrilled to provide you with a first glimpse at an all-new item pack that our development team has been working on: Ezio's Roman Set!

    Stay tuned for more details, such as availability and unlock conditions, in the days to come!
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    Question: will there be any more story content for Odyssey?
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    More outfit will come too? But why odyssey didn't have ACP like origins. I really wanted play with another good character like leonidas and more character not only alexios/kassandra :'/
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    Assassins creed

    Will there be any new assassins creed or at least new content for odyssey coming out any time soon????
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    Is there a remastered version of Altair and Ezio coming?
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    Amazing Update
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    Add a "guided mode" like you did with Breakpoint. No choices, no dialogue options. Save the lore!

    No leveling would be nice too, but wishes are fishes.
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    Is this also coming to the Stadia version as well tomorrow?
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    Remember when we asked about Legacy outfits and we are told that it would be... *difficult* because of the separate armor sections?

    Pepperidge Farms remembers.

    Kidding aside though, happy to see this. I may hate Odyssey because of the lore, but it's a pretty fun game if I close my eyes. *snicker*
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    Waw, what a good surprise
    Thank you to Ubisoft and the team developpers to continue to take time working on the game support.
    That's cool to see that there is still a little support on this wonderful game.

    I profit to this post to thanks in a general way all the guys (designers, developers, actors, Ubisoft etc...) who worked on this beautiful game which is so immersive and addictive . I'm fan of Greece, it antiquity and it mythology so I spend many hours (too much ? ) on it and it don't bored me, there is always something to do or to admire.

    1) "Addressed an issue that caused the “New Content” notification to pop-up regularly after claiming the Melaina mount" -> That will be verry appreciable

    2) New suit ? Mhmm Curious to see what it will looks on Kassandra and Alexios... what a time decalage ^^

    And so, perhaps now we can dream to have other little update. For the Story Creator Mode for exemple... (fingers crossed)
    - An improvement in the display of the average note in game would be appreciate, because it seems to work in stages. Example: a story with an average of 4.1* will display 4* but if the average is 3.9, it will display 3*, which does not really do justice to the story and it creator.
    (PS: This "problem" takes place only in-game, on the website, the average of * is displayed correctly.)
    (PPS: The problem is also the we can only give a rate star: 1,2,3,4 or 5 and not 0,5; 1.5; 2.5; 3,5 or 4,5 wich could be useful to give a more appropriate rate stars in some cases.)
    - An uptdate of the Website because it seems that it was never be done. It still the same stories in the Wall of fame and in the trendings since many monthes if it's not the beggining...

    PS: Did I already told you that I enjoy so much the Story Creator Mode ? (Create and play stories).
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