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    An idea for new Caches and gear

    Even with the new expansion I can’t help but notice how players all get the same gear and items basically repeated, or once you get all of the vanity items they just stop dropping. TD2 needs more RPG elements that reward players for spending time exploring and hunting for unique gear.

    One idea is to add in a new hidden cache system. Build off of the deck of cards and Snitch system by adding in hidden caches throughout DC and NY that are completely random and contain rare unique items. To make it more fun these caches can be themed for certain types of gear.

    Law Enforcement Cache: Contains different types of clothing options from all facets of Law Enforcement Divisions from around the world. SWAT uniforms, CIA logo tactical vests and clothes, DEA logo tactical vests and clothes, FBI logo tactical vest and clothes, Police uniforms and clothing, themed police weapons kitted out for police use, dyes, patches, backpack trophies and different clothing options from Police agency’s from around the world.

    Military Cache:Contains different types of clothing options from all Divisions of the Military from around the world. Different types of uniforms and clothing items, tactical vests, Military themed weapons kitted for Military use, dyes, patches, backpack trophies, must have balaclavas, helmets, packs. All themed around Military gear

    Tradesman Cache:Contains different types of clothing options from different trades. Carhartt jackets pants and shirts. Dickies jackets pants and shirts, different type of cargo pants and mechanics clothing, hardhats, gloves, work boots, hats, button up flannel shirts, dyes, patches and back pack trophies.

    Civilian Cache: Contains all of the basic clothing that we find now that civilians wear. Jeans, pants, workout clothing, sneakers and shoes, different types of jackets, shirts, hats and sweatshirts.

    Ubi-Cache: Contains special themed uniforms or skins, patches, backpack trophies, dyes and themed weapons from other Ubisoft games.

    Exotic Cache: Super rare items that you must be very lucky to find. Contains rare skins, patches, back pack trophies, weapons, gear and dyes.

    Now the catch is that these caches need to reward you for exploring not for watching a YouTube video on how to find them in an exact spot. They need to be extremely random in location and contents throughout DC and NY. So much so, that if you find one in a particular spot one day the chance of finding one in that exact spot is rare and if you happen to find one it definitely will not be the same type of cache. There are not enough cosmetic drops or unique ways to find cosmetic drops, so there needs to be more RPG elements added that awards players for searching around and exploring.

    To further build on this system I explained some of these caches can be guarded by Hunters or higher level named enemies that we need to kill in order to get the key to access the cache.

    The other major factor to keep in mind is that the items contained in these caches cannot and should not be sold for real money or for people who want to simply buy instead of hunt. This system is strictly for rewarding players who hunt around in the deepest darkest parts of DC and NY.

    One final idea: Build off the bounty and snitch system, by adding in random rare bounties that we can earn or purchase through the snitch that rewards rare unique gear-sets and cosmetic items.

    I really hope that this gets passed on and I am happy to talk in more detail to a Dev if needed.
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    To further expand on this idea there can also be a Rogue Cache with clothing and gear that go with a Rogue theme. Additionally, all of these caches types that I mentioned can be hidden in the DZ as well.

    Ubi please look into ideas like this to give us more unique items in game. We need away to make our agents look unique and hunt for rare gear.
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    I know that there is much more pressing issues, but the gear is so boring at the moment!! This game needs some type of a better gear system like I mentioned above and there needs to be more gear added. I consistently get the same guns, and gear with nothing really cool or different. The game needs a shift in the direction of more gear and cooler gear because right now its just plan boring and lineal.
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