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    Another score/achievement bug

    I've got plenty of stars on Unlimited songs from previous JD games. Sometimes when I play a song again in JD 2020, it may say I got a new record, even if I got fever stars than I had. This could be something like "a new record for playing the song in JD 2020", but nothing on screen indicates that.

    This is similar to the bug I described in https://forums.ubisoft.com/showthrea...ll-Stars-songs . Is there a pattern here? Are the scores stored in multiple places, so that what's shown on the screen is a record from elsewhere or a total record across all games and modes, but then what's calculated in the game uses score lists stored only in the game, not synchronised with the global list?
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    hcholm69: Hey there! Are you able to try these PS4 troubleshooting steps here?
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    I won't bother with that. This is not a problem for me now, it's more a tip for you. There seems to be a couple of bugs in the scoring system. They may be related or not. I think you should be able to test and maybe replicate this yourself.
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