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    Crashes when switching paths while in score attack

    RS often crashes when switching paths while in score attack
    ie you do NOT manual switch from lead to rhythm first, you do it within the confines of the menu
    I thought this was related to potentially my older computer.

    But i have high end new computer now and it still happens every session eventually (ie it might not happen the first time i do it, but if i play long enough it will)
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    pedietz's Avatar Senior Member
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    are you switching things in mid song?

    I know if I press space or esc in the middle of a song, sometimes 5% of the time will crash.
    aka "did I just miss that part? Let me move the note highway back a couple notes to see... [crash to desktop]"
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    I get the crash on changing path too. I get it in learn a song (quite regularly). As the OP says, it happens when you change path within the confines of a particular song. Say you've played lead, and then decide to play rhythm. It doesn't happen when you change the overall/default path. It does throw up an error, but I can't remember what it is - and I can't be bothered to keep switching paths until it happens.
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