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    Dark Zone Safe House TROPHY

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    +1 trophy bugged
    Update 1.20 Is Out . Amd Still No Fix ?

    Coooooome Oooooooooooooooon .. Are You Kidding ?

    How Much Longer We Have To Wait For This Stupid Fix ??

    Is It Really Hard To Restore And Giving Back Something Out There Before ??

    Is It Really Matters To You All ?? Is Really Players Matters To You At All UbiSoft ???

    Specially The DIVISIION TEAM ??? We Worked Our Asses Off To Achive All Those Trophy ... We Spend Too Much Time ... Is IT Really Matters To You ??

    You Even Did Not Any Respond To This Problem .... I Suggest This Game To My Friends And My Whole Clan .... And Now They Blame Me For This Stupid Buggy Problem Of Yours

    PLEASE FIX IT ... RESPOND .... We Need Only 1 ******* Trophy To Platinum

    This IS Not A First Time I Getting Hit And Got Folled By UbiSoft Product And Get Bugged ////// And This Will Be My Last ..... Me And My Family And Too Many Of My Friends Will Not Support Any Product From UbiSoft

    PLEASE Fix It For The Last Time And Respond
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    3 updates and no fix...this have to be a joke
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    Any ETA on a fix? Obviously a few anxious people waiting for an update! Thanks in advance!
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    no fix ? -_- only 1 trophy for platinum .
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    as someone mentioned on reddit from ubisoft they are known with the issue, but its no priorety for them as of now...
    Also they said they have to find something simulare to replace the trophy with as in difficult and what to do, witch is completly not true as destiny2 has changed trophies before from hard to very easy... (must be a prefference or exuse to not fix it as of now)
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    and again...

    It's not even a difficult trophy... a few minutes running around. Just delete it, or say make it to find 10 SHD stations and the safe house. I know there are bigger issues but this has to be very simple fix for sure.
    I won't buy WONY until I see this fixed... and as time goes on the DLC becomes less relevant and you just forget about the game. I too recommended the game to friends and family...
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    Im at the same point i dont buy a dlc before the main game is complete and can be finished a 100% trophy vise and by in game progression
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    I'm at the point after this issue and the many others I've run into with Division 2 as well as other Ubisoft games of not buying anymore since they can't be bothered to fix things for extended periods of time if at all.
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    Oh god how long would it be?
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    For how much longer, do users have to wait for the consequences of those who make the decisions within the game?
    The truth is incredible, that with BUG's of DAMAGE situations are so fast and efficient that practically the same day that the BUG appears, hours later without even peeking to reach more than 24hrs, whether they are doing maintenance to fix it, Now I only ask you is the same dedication, because in case you have not noticed here we carry with this more than 3 weeks even we are days away from meeting a month already with the problem, and still nothing or some concrete date response for the solution , or what do I need to be taken care of?
    This is for you colleagues if in a week the problem is not solved, absolutely we should all demand our refund, as it is not fair that we ruin our PSN PERSONAL RECORD by negligence of the UBISOFT Group
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