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    So what is the expected timeline here?

    I've been following for a while now. I was hoping to get some input on when we are actually going to expect the game to release. The bata? Did UBISOFT drop the plan for BGE2 all together?

    The game looks amazing to be honest, but it seems like communication to the community has gone black....

    Where are you guys? Is anyone even alive? lol

    Best wishes and I hope the dev team and everyone can get this beast out asap!
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    Hey there, BGE2 is very much in development and happening! But we don't have any set dates to communicate at the moment.
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    four month since last monkey report. seems the development is still at early stages. we'll have to be patient.
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    I hope we will get some news in the upcoming months. I've been watching for updates since the initial announcement, but nothing new
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