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    2021 is here! Still cannot activate 3 specialties!!!

    I see this has been an issue since March 2020. I recently acquired Warlords of New York expansion and learned I cannot activate the Technician, Firewall, or Gunner specialties. As been previously mentioned this severely limits the game-playing for WONY! Please give us an update to fix this glitch!
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    Hey Latebloomer1960,

    I am sorry to hear you have encountered this.

    Can you please raise a support ticket on our website and include your proof of purchase for the expansion and a screenshot showing the specialisations are locked?
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    It sounds like there numerous people having same issue to include myself. What exactly counts as proof of purchase ... ?
    How about video .....


    I am pretty much in same boat, I bought the annual pass and completed field research for [Technician & Gunner] Not sure what else I have to do for any kind help. I have already submit ticket and posted about this twice on forums.

    Ticket Reference # 14207597
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    same for me bug buy boost and never work

    plz reset the game fix this i have fun game so afther this not sure
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    Is been almost year and no update of fix. Originally posted March 2020, the original post mentioned a possible solution i.e. completing the specialization prior going to NY. Unfortunately, I used my original character for the expansion so .... It looks I'll start from scratch and see if this true or not, I should be done in about 3 weeks.
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    having the some issue, i have the one year pass,and also bought the premium acess to specializations but now i can open the technician but with no points, and it should be automatic
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    I am now able to acquire points for the Technician, Gunner, and Firewall.

    All you need to do is equip the specialization ..... and you'll be able farm for points.

    You can acquire points through Daily Bounties, Daily Projects and leveling up.

    Please see video below for details


    Pay special attention (30 sec mark) to the second time I bring up the daily bounties/projects after I equip the specialization i.e. "Gunner Points"


    This after I created a level 30 character and grinded for 10-12 hrs, I was thinking I need to create new character and obtain the specializations prior to NY. Overall I actually enjoyed the grind, replaying the game at the early levels was actually kind of fun .

    Also thank you Ubisoft for responding to the previous post regarding same issue .

    Hopefully this post/update can help other gamers.

    Additional info:

    @ Ubisoft support - Can you forward my following comments to proper sections in regards updating verbiage explaining the 1 year pass. Specifically the entitlements i.e. elaborating on the fact Technician, Gunner, and Firewall still requires Field Research and Points farming. Because most people automatically assumes that last 3 specializations is completely unlocked.
    Updating the in-game tutorials/FAQ periodically could levitate allot issues. Key here is more concise verbiage - thank you.
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    Thantos__MT: Hey again! I'm happy to have been able to help. Thank you for sharing this detailed explanation. I'll be sure to share your feedback with our dedicated teams!
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    Can not access gunner or firewall

    I bought the NY expansion and beat it. I’m lvl 40. I have access to all other skill trees. Why can’t I use the gunner and firewall class?
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    Originally Posted by KILLAGRANPA Go to original post
    I bought the NY expansion and beat it. I’m lvl 40. I have access to all other skill trees. Why can’t I use the gunner and firewall class?
    Can you use the Technician? In case you own the Year-1-Pass, all specializations introduced during year one should be accessible for you. In case you do not own the Year-1-Pass, those specializations need to be unlocked by doing the respective field researches.
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