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    Why Cant I Feint Centurions Jab? After rework

    Hey I've been trying to play a bit of centurion at the moment and practice. I played him a bit when he first came out but after the rework for centurion he is supposed to be able to feint the jab attack but no matter what time I press the cancel button to feint it ( Circle on PS4) the jab will still come out. For example if I land a heavy attack and go to do the jab it wont feint. Any help would be greatly appreciated
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    why you cant feint the jab? because there is no rework.

    We had one in the very first testing grounds but those changes didnt make it to the live game as they were substantially flawed. So the devs went back to the drawing board trying to figure out how to tackle the issues ever since. To this date there is apparently no solution in sight
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    Originally Posted by SangLong524 Go to original post
    i'm not a cent pro, but apparently you can hard feint Cent's heavies BEFORE it starts flashing UB indicator.
    You can also soft feint into gb
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    The Centurion rework has not been released.
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